DOGE DNA has got the DNA of its father Doge which has evolved to be a true decentralised community coin


IEO will commence soon on exchange Don’t Miss Out!!

DOGE DNA Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO For DOGE DNA Will be Launched Soon

DOGE DNA Features

WETH Rewards

Doge Dna is the only coin which rewards its holders with WETH.

Auto BuyBack

DOGE DNA has auto buyback system built in to keep the price floor up even.

Daily Lottery

Holders earn extra reward by Becoming promoters of coin.

Locked Liquidity

The liquidity will be locked in unicrypt to keep everyone safe

Hyper Deflationary

Auto bought back coins are burned by sending to dead wallet.




Token Type: Bep20

Total Supply: 900,000,000,000,000


Buying Tax 12%

  • Reward To Holders: 2%
  • Auto Buyback LP: 4%
  • Marketing: 4%
  • Lottery: 2%

Selling Tax 15%

  • Reward To Holders: 3%
  • Auto Buyback LP: 6%
  • Marketing: 6%
  • Lottery: 3%
What is Auto Buy Back?

DOGE DNA has auto buyback liquidity system which means 4% of total buy transaction and 6% of total sales transaction is stored in smart contract as BNB and is used to buy back DOGE DNA from Pancake swap and the bought back coins are burned by sending to a burn wallet.


This unique feature will help to increase price by adding Liquidity when needed and burning coins to reduce supply.

What is Lottery System

2% of all buy transactions and 3% of all sell transactions are sent to lottery wallet for daily lottery in BNB. Holders can earn extra reward by Holding Doge DNA and by Becoming advocates and promoters of coin.


Holders will be given tasks to perform and when they successfully complete the task they will be entered into the Lottery pool to be drawn a winner from.


This will help us to gain more exposure and help us with our marketing goals.

Market Cap


  • Coin Concept created
  • Team assembled
  • Website launched
  • Build community through social media
Phase 1
  • Coin Created
  • IEO Launched
  • Smartcontract Audit
  • Pancakeswap listing
  • Mass marketing
  • Continue growing online community
  • 30,000 telegram users
  • 25,000 holders
Phase 2
  • Mass Aggressive Marketing
  • Get Influencers to Endorse Project.
  • 100,000 holders
  • 150,000 telegram members
  • $500M market cap
  • List on major exchanges
  • Develop and launch our own DEFI exchange Dogednaswap.
  • Donate to charities
Phase 3
  • 1M holders
  • $1B market cap
  • Commercial Exchange launched
  • Charity donations continued
Phase 4